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How to Comfort Someone Physically

Touch is a powerful thing. A well-timed hug can remind someone they’re truly loved, or transport them to an entirely different emotional place. Studies have even proven that human touch can reduce cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, and release endorphins that soothe pain.[1] If someone is experiencing emotional turmoil and you’re looking for ways to comfort them, making physical contact is a great way to go. If you want to know more about what to do and explore when this may or may not be appropriate, we’ve got your back.

Is physical affection a good way to comfort someone?

Yes, most people tend to crave physical touch when they’re upset.There’s a reason babies often stop crying when their parents pick them up. People are hardwired to desire physical contact, and something as small as a hug can dramatically improve the way someone feels. Physical touch can even release the chemical in your brain responsible for feelings of love! If someone is having a rough time, physical affection can be a phenomenal way to make them feel better.[2]

  • Touch can also soothe someone’s fight or flight response. If you’ve ever seen someone get so angry they want to fight, they often calm down when a friend holds them back and gives them a bear hug

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